Transform through Breath

Learn the magic of proper BREATHING...

Join teacher and co-founder, Chelsey Charbeneau in this workshop to transform your life. Science says the breath is the missing piece to our health, yet very few of us actually know the proper way to breathe.


This 90-minute workshop is all about learning how to properly breathe and how this will transform your life. We will begin with an understanding of our breathing and the components of a complete and proper breath. We will spend a good portion practicing this specific type of breathing practice and observing for improvement. From this new place of clarity, we then activate our own transformational desires through a special sound bath meditation - curated with new instruments and elements to breathe new life and harmony into our lives.

Let's have fun and activate the change we wish to be and see, as an individual and as a collective. Your time is now!

October 18th, 3:30PM - 5:00PM
Price: $55


  • - Guided Meditation
  • - Personalized Intention Setting
  • - Vision Board Creation
  • - Successful New Year